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Sumi Anjuman is a visual artist and activist born and raised in the northern region of Bangladesh. As a woman in an Islamic conservative society, she experiences the kind of oppression and agony, that her work tackles forthrightly. Despite her socially-focused subject matter, her work is not straightforward-documentary, rather it feels more poetic, often verging on the abstract. Her collaborative methodology echoes the ideas of inclusivity while her photographs often invite the audience to be curious about what they see. As a result, they make a strong cerebral as well as an emotional impact on the observer. Parallelly, her works depict how subtle in approach can be as powerful as a political statement.


Sumi is currently based in the Netherlands, pursuing her master's degree in 'Photography & Society' at Royal Academy of Art, The Hague. Afore, she graduated in 'Photography' from Pathshala South Asian Media Institute, Dhaka, Bangladesh.






  • 2021 – One of the recipients of ‘Seed Awards’ of Prince Claus Fund

  • 2020 - Winner in the Series category – ‘Pride Photo 2020’, Curiosity: The Compass to Our Passions


  • 2020 – Selected as one of ‘Ones to Watch’ of  British Journal of Photography


  • 2020 – Selected as one of 'Top Photography Graduates to Watch’ of PHmuseum


  • 2020 – Finalist for ‘The Alexia 2020 Student Grant’


  • 2020 – Shortlisted for ‘2020 Women Photographers Grant’ of  PHmuseum



  • 2021 - ‘Pride Photo 2020’, Curiosity: The Compass to Our Passions

  • 2021 - Chobi Mela - ‘Shunno’

  • 2021 - ‘The Makeable Mind’, the Noorderlicht International Photo Festival



  • 2021 – Online article -  Part of the series ‘New Generation’ by PHmuseum




  • 2021 – Chobi Mela’s Slideshow of OUC workshop’s participants in 2020 in Nepal



  • 2020 - Fritt Ord Student Grant




  • 2020 - OUC Workshop (International Documentary Workshop) in Nepal




  • 2019 - SAM BANK Scholarship


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