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The older population of Nepal is increasing both in terms of absolute numbers and as a proportion of the total population; however, traditional family norms and values of supporting the elderly are eroding. Statistic observes over 2 million people living in Nepal are aged over 60 which are almost 9% of the country’s total population.

With the change in time and attitude of new generation, sociologists say, more and more elderly people are finding it difficult to stay at their homes and thus landing in such shelter homes and even in the streets. It is due to this fact that certain number of elderly parents has been at the receiving end of sorrow and pain.

This work concentrates on the inhabitants of ‘Social Welfare Centre Briddhashram - Elderly's Home which is the only Elderly's Home operated by His Majesty's Government in the Kingdom of Nepal. It is in Pashupatinath where the river Baghmati flows very nearby with the ashes of the lost. It was established in 1882 A.D and operated as being the Panchadeval Pakshala in the regime of His Majesty Surendra Vir Vikram Shah. Currently it is being operated by the name of Social Welfare Centre Elderly's Home, Pashupatinath since 1977 A. D. 

Now, it is a home for 230 elderly natives who are alone and marginalized. With the passage of time, ageing brings many metamorphoses that can accord to a more solitary life. It also puts an epilogue to meaningful interactions with the world around them. Closer ones moved away or passed away; continues.

Time and tide has made their existence lonelier; everyone’s isolation in this elderly’s home is quite tangible in their unconscious materiality. This wait is too long, between the existence and the next.

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