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Sumi Anjuman's odyssey as a woman in Bangladesh's Muslim conservative socio-cultural structure, like the majority of women in that paradigm, is a constant conflict. And, such empirical instances have benefited her in intuiting gender-specific oppression and agony of that society on an equivalent magnitude. Consequently, her artistic practice aims to engage in a non-violent discourse within contemporary society to tackle those phenomena forthrightly.

To achieve such a pursuit, Anjuman's practice's aesthetic fosters a poetic yet magic realism fabric by integrating fictitious photographs, hand-stitched with re-photographic approaches, and archives. In parallel, her multivocal methodology embodies the concept of 'healing through creation', and that collective artistic eventuality born of that concept often strives to create a strong cerebral and emotive impact on the onlooker. 

Anjuman is currently based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. She recently completed a master's degree in 'Photography & Society' from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, The Netherlands. Previously, she acquired a three-year 'Professional Photography' degree from Pathshala South Asian Media Institute, Dhaka, Bangladesh





  • 2023 - One of the fourth finalists of the '2022 W. Eugene Smith Student Grant' 

  • 2022 - One of the 4 Laureates of Carte Blanche Students 2022, co-organized by Paris Photo

  • 2021 – One of the recipients of ‘Seed Awards’ of Prince Claus Fund

  • 2020 - Winner in the Series category – ‘Pride Photo 2020’, Curiosity: The Compass to Our Passions

  • 2020 – Selected as one of ‘Ones to Watch’ of  British Journal of Photography

  • 2020 – Selected as one of 'Top Photography Graduates to Watch’ of PHmuseum

  • 2020 – Finalist for ‘The Alexia 2020 Student Grant’

  • 2020 – Shortlisted for ‘2020 Women Photographers Grant’ of  PHmuseum



  • 2023 - Dhaka Art Summit, 2023​

  • 2022 - Laureates of Carte Blanche Students 2022, co-organized by Paris Photo

  • 2021 - ‘Pride Photo 2020’, Curiosity: The Compass to Our Passions

  • 2021 - Chobi Mela - ‘Shunno’

  • 2021 - ‘The Makeable Mind’, the Noorderlicht International Photo Festival



  • 2023 - Interview - #20 The Graduate Issue 2023 by Photoworks UK 

  • 2022 - INSPIRED FLIGHT 003, The Quick And The Brave

  • 2021 - The Queer Quarantine, The Washington Post Magazine

  • 2021 - Article - Part of the series ‘New Generation’ by PHmuseum

  • 2020 - Issue: Ones To Watch 2020 by British Journal of Photography



  • 2020 - Fritt Ord Student Grant





  • 2024 - Encounters Of Young International Photography, Villa Perochon - CACP, Niort, France

  • 2020 - OUC-Pathshala Collaborative Workshop, Katmandu, Nepal





  • 2019 - SAM BANK Scholarship


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