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‘Born into a strange universe where caged birds can sing but cannot fly, where our love is unloved, yet to die. Is everything untrue or are we?’

In my state of Bangladesh, the LGBTQI+ community is heavily suppressed as the mass populace of the state believes in the written words blindly; words that were written more than a thousand and five hundred years ago in a foreign land; words that cannot be altered. Against such a backdrop, in their state of Bangladesh, the LGBTQI+ community is not allowed to love who they want; their love is unlawful; they get hacked to death for unraveling their love; their love is a sin to be cleansed.

Parallelly, at a certain phase of existence, these individuals start to unfold their inner psyches which precisely lead them to apprehend their substantive identities; they commonly diverge from the notion of mainstream society and the fanatical belief they were brought up with since these societal and religious peripheries censured their rights and equalities. Consequently, it has shaped a circumstance for most of them to transit into new forms of belief where they will be embraced in their own terms; with freedom of expression. Whereas some stops believing and live on.

‘Somewhere Else Than Here’ envisions the passage of transitioning of a community of individuals which explore their love, hope and fantasy; fanatical angst, homophobic isolation and their struggle to be perceived as who they are: human.

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